Protecting your mattress

A mattress protector, topper or underlay can help protect and extend the life of your mattress. Given how expensive new mattresses can be, they could be very wise investments.

  • Provides extra comfort and better support to give you a better night's sleep.
  • Protects the mattress and pillow from moisture which your body loses during sleep.
  • Using a mattress protector or topper extends the life of your mattress by keeping it clean and can help prevent dust mites.
  • Helps keep sheets in place.

Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector with a waterproof barrier will shield your mattress from moisture, dirt, spills and dust mites.

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Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper provides a comfort and protective layer to shield your mattress from everyday wear and tear.

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Foam Toppers

As well as bringing back bounce to your mattress, a foam topper works with your body shape to ease stress on critical pressure points.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam conforms to your body's natural curves. It helps relieve pressure points and encourages correct spinal alignment.

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Different fabrics require different types of care. It pays to check the manufacturer's care instructions as indicated on the label before beginning cleaning.

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