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Choosing Pillows

Rest your weary head on the right pillow and you'll wake up feeling a box o' birds. Finding your fit for a great night's sleep with a pillow that suits your preferred sleeping position will be a personal investment you will never regret.

Fill Types

We have heaps of different types of pillow to choose from, including different shapes, fills, ranging from super-soft to firm. One way of making your choice is by selecting your pillow based on its fill.

We have a large range of synthetic pillows. The synthetic fill options are: Polyester, Memory Foam and Memory Foam Gel.


If you suffer from allergies you may want to choose a pillow that has been treated to protect against dust mites. The Greenfirst® range of pillows contains extracts of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Vegetable Geraniol, extracted from plants, is the active substance which gives Greenfirst® its outstanding performance against dust-mites.


Side Sleeper

This is the preferred sleeping position of the majority of people. Sleeping on your side encourages deeper sleep by aligning your ears and shoulders with your spine and enhancing breathing.

  • Recommendation
  • Firm/Medium Pillow
  • Foam or Memory Foam
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Back Sleeper

This common sleeping position is often linked to snoring if the wrong pillow is used. Back sleepers require pillows that support their heads above the mattress.

  • Recommendation
  • Medium Pillow
  • Memory Foam
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Stomach Sleeper

Not a recommended sleeping position as it doesn't support or maintain your spine's natural alignment. A low loft pillow helps reduce the elevation in your neck and align your head and neck with your spine.

  • Recommendation
  • Soft Pillow
  • Synthetic
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